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Reverse and Change beginners "how to use a sewing machine"

Get crafty and learn how to sew with a series of fun classes with Reverse and Change! This introduction to sewing is the perfect chance to start a new hobby.

Join a group of other sewing newbies and learn how to sew with a domestic sewing machine, enjoy two one-hour classes, during which participants will pick up heaps of tips and tricks from the teacher and get the chance to try out simple tasks to gain confidence.

This is a great opportunity to learn a new skill and get creative in class.

Learn how to thread the machine, wind the bobbin, sew basic machine stitches (straight stitch, back stitch, zig zag) and simple trouble shooting tips. Put these skills into practice by making an envelope cushion cover in class two, this class is suitable for complete beginners or those that need a refresher.

This class will hopefully give you the confidence that you need to go on and make some furthermore challenging projects - or if not, hundreds of cushion covers!!!!

We also offer intermediate classes on Wednesday's where you can create you're very own tote bag! On Thursdays - Repairs and Alterations class for those who wish to bring something from home.


Kate Dao


Reverse and Change Ltd

Unit 9B, Europa Trading Estate,

Fraser Road, Erith, Kent,



£30.00 per person (Max 6 participants per class)

£50.00 for people wanting a 1 on 1 class


Classes 1-and-a-half-hour each

What is included?

· Sewing machines and basic sewing tools provided to use

· A selection of fabrics and threads will be available for you to choose from for the project. If you would prefer to bring your own fabric, then please see details below

· Tea, coffee, and biscuits!

Optional bring your own:

· Fabric

· Matching thread

· Learn the art of sewing with Reverse and Change beginner’s sewing class

· Enjoy 1-and-a-half-hour class

· Learn how to use a domestic sewing machine and much more!

For more information call us on 01322 842390, we would love hearing from you!

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