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Emily Howell
Managing Director

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My love for this industry started when I was a child; learning that I could get so much more for my money and grabbing bargains from boot fairs and charity shops.  It only feels natural that I ended up in this fascinating and rewarding industry.

I have gained over 12 years in the reuse /recycling industry and have learnt lots along the way! 

We inspire to be the best we can be and specialise in the sortation of used goods and provide people in the UK with opportunities to buy used goods at affordable prices.  Charity shops are there to get the value out of the donations that they receive to raise crucial funds for their causes.  Donations have there opportunity to sell but if they are unsold they go to the "rag man".  We are one of those "rag men" but we are a recycling company with a difference!

The past has been about sorting, grading and repackage for export customers.  I want to change that!

We have opened up a RE-USE Centre where you can fill a bag for life or container with items you want to purchase.  We sell by the weight, £2.00 per KG which makes it very interesting indeed.  .


We have SMASH ROOMS for items that do not make the grade for re-use which is a very fun way to promote re-use of waste items.  PPE Up, Pick a weapon and just let out your frustrations.  It is very therapeutic indeed, we always have times when the world is on top of us and we just want a release!  I am too nice to take my anger out on someone else, I'd rather just go in the smash room, smash away and come out feeling much better!  

Are you interested in broken china for mosaicking or looking for circuit boards for craft projects?  Another way to reuse our waste is to use it in upcycling and craft projects. 

You will often see me repurposing something that was destined for waste! 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of these products!  


We are very passionate about the environment and we do what we can to REUSE, REDUCE and REPURPOSE!



Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 10.11.49 AM.png

Emily Howell,
Managing Director

01322 842390

Meet our friendly team here at Reverse and Change Ltd


Gordon Midford,
Operations Manager
01322 842390

What we do at Reverse and Change Ltd

Reverse and Change Ltd is an upcycling and recycling center based in Erith. We promote a circular economy by sorting what we buy from charities and public and we supply businesses and entrepreneurs with a range of sorted goods such as clothing, shoes, handbags, toys, books, bric a brac, household items and much more....


We promote trust and respect and we uphold the highest ethical standards.

Our vision is to inspire as many people as we can to promote zero waste, reduce, recycle and upcycle whilst building a circular economy for a sustainable future.

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