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Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down to find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Can't find what you're looking for?

  • Would you like to become a charity partner?
    We offer professional recycling collection services to charities across the South East England. ​ Please get in touch and we would love to give you more information, Reverse and Change provide a first class friendly service to our charity partners and would love to work with you! ​ Want to talk to someone about becoming a charity partner? Email us at:
  • What is our mission?
    At Reverse and Change Ltd we combine our individual strengths and work together effectively and efficiently in order to provide our charity partners and customers with exceptional customer service and competitive rates of pay. We promote trust and respect and we uphold the highest ethical standards. Our vision is to inspire as many people as we can to promote zero waste, reduce, recycle and upcycle whilst building a circular economy for a sustainable future.
  • What do we collect?
    We collect a wide range of items that include the following: Clothing Shoes Handbags Jewellery Household Linen (Towels, blankets, bed sheets, tablecloths etc) Used Homeware/Bric a Brac (Anything from the home that is working, has a purpose and fits in a box i.e. Vases, ornaments, kitchen utensils, cups, plates, bowls, picture frames, mirrors etc) Small Electricals (Any electrical that fits in a box or is no bigger than a microwave or small tv.) Mobile Phones Books Toys Media Flat packed cardboard If you are unsure about an item please call our office on 01322 842390.
  • Will I be given a dedicated day of collection?
    Yes, shops will receive a collection schedule detailing what day/days of the week we will collect.
  • How will drivers weigh?
    Our drivers will weigh the items using platforms scales; they will issue each shop with a receipt detailing the collection weights and prices paid for each category.
  • How will drivers pay?
    Our drivers will pay upon collection with a company card, if card facilities aren't available, we are able to offer cash on collection (In small amounts only) or for larger collections we can pay by BACS transfer.
  • How will I know if the driver is who he says he is?
    We will let you know the name of your regular driver that attends your collection each week, We aim to keep the same driver collecting from the same shops so that our drivers and shops can form good working relationships.
  • What happens if our regular driver is sick or on annual leave?
    We have a cover driver that we would use in the first instance; if the cover driver isn't available; we will communicate directly with the shop as soon as we possibly can and rearrange collection for the next working day as a priority.
  • What happens to everything? Where does it all go?
    We have customers from all over the world that buy our goods. We audit our customers to make sure that everything is recycled or re-used sustainably and responsibly.
  • What happens if the driver says he can't take something?
    Our drivers collect all items as outlined in this information pack, if there is anything you are not sure about please call the office.
  • What kind of things can I put into Bric a brac?
    Any re-useable household items for example: Plates Bowls Cups Glasses Saucepans Non-electrical appliances Vases Ornaments Tools Stationary Office supplies Arts & crafts Christmas or Halloween Decorations Wrapped mirrors & pictures And more!
  • How do I package larger items that don't fit in a box?
    We will be able to take some larger items that don't fit in boxes for example, mirrors and pictures. Our drivers will be able to offer tips on packaging upon their collections or please feel free to contact us.
  • What happens if products aren't in the right packaging?
    The idea is, we pay for the items that are packaged correctly. So, for instance if ornaments are packaged in bags, we can take these free of charge as they may get damaged in transit if it isn't packaged correctly. We want to re-use what we can and will pay for what can be re-used.
  • Where are we located? How to contact us?
    Address: Unit 9B, Europa Trading Estate, Fraser Road, Erith, DA8 1QL. Number: 01322 842390 Email: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
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