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Would you like to become a charity partner?

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Professional Collection Services

Our dedicated and experienced team provide professional collection services across South East England.                                     We collect and pay for:


Shoes, Bags and Belts

Household Linen

Used Homeware/Bric a Brac

Small Electricals




We can also collect the following items free of charge and they will be recycled:

Flat Packed Cardboard



We are a small but dedicated team with many years of experience with carrying out collections for our charity partners; always going above and beyond to ensure your shops are cleared on time and take everything that you need us to take!

Our drivers weigh the goods at your shops on platform scales and pay upon collection using a company card.  If card facilities aren’t available we can pay in cash for small amounts or via BACS transfer on a weekly basis. 


We email reports so that management can see exactly what we collect from shops including the all-important monies raised!

Please get in touch and we would love to give you more information, Reverse and Change provide a first class friendly service to our charity partners and would love to work with you!

Want to talk to someone about becoming a charity partner?  Please Email us at: or Call us on 01322 842390  

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Are you a charity that misses out on all important monies because you don't have the facilities to collect?

There are so many people that cannot drive and take goods to charity shops or aren't physically able.  

Here at Reverse and Change, we are able to offer door to door collection services to the public with the proceeds of the goods going directly to the charity.  

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