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I have some unfortunate news that I have to share; we have been battling financially for a while now and it has come to a time where we can no longer afford the premises we currently occupy.

We have to vacate our warehouse and are now in the process of selling what we have and clearing out.

When it rains, it falls as they say.

The Smash Rooms will be the last to be cleared out so that we can continue smashing until the very end. Any remaining smashes will be refunded.

I would like to sincerely apologise to anyone that will be affected by our (hopefully) temporary closure.

I personally need some time at home, some rest and some revitalisation before finding our next venue and fine tuning the company.

The last couple of years have certainly been a roller coaster ride and with every week that has passed we have progressed towards our visions for change.

Reverse and Change means learning from your mistakes; we are constantly adapting, evolving and improving. Maybe having to vacate our premises is a blessing in disguise and we will open up better and stronger than ever!

Reverse and Change Goals and Visions

  • To provide circular solutions to our "waste" problems.

  • To inspire and encourage Reuse, Repurpose, Recycling and of course... Upcycling.

  • To repurpose waste and low value items to support our mental health and well-being in the Smash Rooms and other upcycling workshops.

  • To provide support and options to those struggling with the cost of living.

  • To be a supplier to Upcycler's and crafters saving monies and helping them support sustainability.

  • To provide workshops for sewing, crafting and upcycling. Something that also helps support mental health.

  • To start a Reverse and Change Upcycled range of clothing, footwear and accessories; made with love and from items destined for waste.

  • To work and collaborate with charities that work with people struggling with the cost of living, homelessness, domestic abuse or mental health to see how we can help support them.

I have several projects (of course) as aligned above that I will be working towards from home for a while and fingers crossed you will see us

again very soon. (Maybe somewhere on a high street?)

It's been an emotional journey; I am very proud of what has been accomplished and it's been amazing hosting the smashes and I will miss it a lot.

Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me with my journey.

Remember... stay green ♻️ and just take a day at a time..

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