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Mental Health Matters

Hi, my name is Emily and I am the owner and creator of Reverse and Change Ltd.

I've been in the recycling industry for 13 years now, most of those years exporting graded product out to countries around the world.

I have visited Ghana where our containers of used clothing and shoes would end up. I love the recycling industry and the opportunities that present itself.

Sadly however, I have suffered with mental health problems for a long time. At first, I was unaware and would keep my isolated thoughts to myself.

And when I did speak up and ask for help; it's not been forthcoming. Forever waiting lists to be heard, to be seen.

A few years back I seeked my own help and went to counselling sessions for several months. At the time it was well needed, I had lost friends due to my isolation and depressive feelings and my anxiety at the time was through the roof. It was good to tell the counsellor all my problems and talk through everything. I suffer with PTSD and after several months of counselling, they referred me for Rewind Therapy. It's a type of therapy where they put you in a very relaxing state of mind. You float up above your body and watch yourself as if you were watching yourself of the tv.

Then the rewinding and fast forwarding starts.

All your feelings and emotions rushing forward to present day.

With PTSD, it's like the trauma was yesterday; always in your short term memory; those feelings and emotions still very real.

The aim of rewind therapy is to put those traumatic short term memories into your long term memories, so it's like the accident/trauma still happened but you can deal with it more.

It did help me immensely and I was able to get back out the house again... without having anxiety attacks!

But over the next few years; I have still suffered and emotional beaten black and blue.

At the same time, an old school friend of mine was publicly raising awareness to support mental health and I admired her so much. To stand up and support mental health like she did, admitting her challenges and speaking up. I wanted to reach out and tell her how amazing I thought she was but shortly after, she sadly committed suicide; it resenated with me.

In the recycling industry; we have a product called "Bric A Brac". Whilst sorting this bric a Brac product and essentially throwing the waste items away; I discovered the desire and the need to smash them up into little bits. One reason to take my frustrations out and the second, to smash them down into small bits so I could fit more in my waste bins.

The idea of the smash rooms was falling into place. After researching, I discovered they were huge in America but only 1 operating at the time in North England.

I decided it was a necessity in our day and age to support our mental health by allowing us to take out our frustration's as and when it's needed.

Every single person that has visited us since we started has loved the experience; for some, it's just a bit of fun and to do something naughty, the exhilaration of smashing something up basically!

For others, it can be emotional as they have appreciated that release.

I'm not saying that Smash Rooms are the answer, but they can support us whilst we wait for help.

Some people that visit also say that the smash rooms should be on the NHS... I totally agree!

There is so much more we can do with our waste including upcycling and crafting which is also therapeutic and supports your wellbeing.

A recycling centre can offer multiple opportunities for Upcycler's and crafters but I do need help.

I need volunteers, I need support from crafters and Upcycler's. If I can provide the "waste"; what can we do with it?

I'm looking for collaborations; what charities out there deal with people struggling with the cost of living? Because, we can help....please get in touch!

I'm a 40 year old mum of 2, working full time whilst struggling with mental health challenges, PTSD and Fibromyalgia. I've been struggling the last few years and can never seem to get a head but the vision is there and I know it would be great!

So if you would like to join me and Reverse and Change in our recycling, reuse and supporting mental health journey then please do get in touch.

If you are looking to take out your frustrations in our smash room, please also get in touch!

Thanks, Emily

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