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Can’t we do more?

As a recycler, I believe that we can do more with our "waste" to help our communities and the UK with affordable goods.

Cost of living is high, having little money can be stressful and can also impact your mental health.

Reverse and Change think outside the box!

What can we do with our waste to reduce landfill, to help people fight the cost of living, to re-use, repair and repurpose?

Services we offer:

Re-Use Warehouse - All homeware, gifts, toys, books, media are all available to buy at £2.00 per KG. Makes things interesting indeed!

Smash Rooms - a way of repurposing items that don't make the grade for reuse and helps support our own sanity and mental health!

Sewing Studio - Rent a workstation or the whole room so you can see, knit, work on your alterations and repairs in our sewing studio that is kitted out with lots of threads, embroidery, wool, buttons, ribbons, scrap materials and much more!

Coming soon: Clothing, Shoes and Bags where nothing will be over £5.00 per item.

Volunteers needed!

Do you want to be part of something great? Do you want to help divert waste? Do you love upcycling and would like to share your skills with others?

Can we become circular? What more can we do?

Please call Emily on 01322 842390 or email

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