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What Inspires me..

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

What Inspires Me..

It’s actually not a matter of what inspires me, but it’s who inspires me. I am what they call a “people watcher” (I’m not a stalker by any means, don’t worry) but I love seeing posts, blogs, reading people’s stories and hearing about their lives.

I learn so much from reading people’s posts and the comments and opinions that follow. The every day problems people have to face, the battles, the sacrifices, the heart breaks and pain that we all go through at some point in our lives.

The strength and courage of people braving life; inspiring stories of hope of happiness and better times. I continuously learn from other peoples creativity, ideas and watching their creations come to life whether it’s in their gardens, ponds, pets, recycling and upcycling. I am fascinated, watch, read, learn and then I give it a go.

Needless to say that, I am in my garden most days, I have 5 ponds,  3 ducks, 4 chickens, a ferret, 3 guinea pigs, a rabbit, a dog and 3 fish, I own a recycling company and I upcycle as much as I possibly can in the little spare time that I have.

People inspire me, you inspire me.

I learn as much as I can so I can apply those lessons and skills in my every day life and work.

I am dedicated to making the world that little bit better and helping our community whether it’s because they need to get rid of their old plates or whether it’s because they need to smash a plate! I want to help those that don’t have the time or patience with getting the value out of their used goods and I want to help the people that are struggling with the cost of living!

Recycling for many years has been about exportation out of the country which then in turn means that our rubbish lands in other countries and we are not dealing with our own waste.

At Reverse and Change we understand that there needs to be better solutions out there and we need to improve our recycling systems in the UK. We support a circular economy and are continually looking at innovative ways of recycling our waste in the UK.

We work with our charity partners to for fill their recycling needs and get the best possible price they can for their goods as well as supporting upcyclers, small businesses and entrepreneurs with used goods for their projects and resale.

One of the best ways of reducing waste is by upcycling our waste! I have a true passion for upcycling where each piece is made with love, creativity and is completely unique.  Weren’t things better when it was “Made in England”?

We can create more jobs in the recycling industry in the UK by investing in technologies to advance our recycling systems.

By recycling your used goods in charity shops or reuse centres; it really does make a huge difference and provides so many opportunities for people.

When buying second hand you are reducing the need to import new items from china or wherever else they came from!  You are helping our environment and living sustainably!

When buying that beautiful upcycled piece of art; know that it has been made with care, attention and by a human.. not a machine!

Services Reverse and Change provide:

  • Collection services across South East for used clothing, shoes, bags, books, jewellery, used homeware, media, toys and household linen.

  • Wholesale Used Goods for Re-Sale

  • Picking opportunities for used homeware

  • Cash for Clothes trade counter

  • Smash Rooms - great for mental health, do you want to smash something?

  • Upcycling Opportunities

  • Community Projects

  • Cash for Schools

  • Cash For Charities - Do you want your goods collected and proceeds donated straight to charity?

My final words of wisdom and from the book I wrote “The Recycling Rabbit”….

“So next time you have items to throw, please think about where they should go”

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